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Turkish Acoustical Society (TAKDER), aims to establish communication and cooperation among those engaged in research and application in various fields related to acoustics, disseminate information, concern and warn the public opinion about acoustics issues. Other priority objectives of the association are following:

  • to enable communication between people working in various fields of acoustics for enhancing the effectiveness of scientific studies,
  • to establish communication between people and to introduce the issues about acoustics by organizing seminars, symposiums, congresses and other events,
  • to maintain contributions to the knowledge transfer in the field of acoustics, by means of magazines, brochures, books and other publications,
  • to establish communication and cooperation between the national and international associations and organizations,
  • to support the people and/or institutions working in acoustics related fields,
  • to carry out activities for ensuring the unity of the language in the different sectors (universities, companies, governmental agencies and etc.) in acoustics field,
  • to support the further studies and announce the progress on standardization and regulations.